What To Expect When Working With Our Team

By: David Smyth, March 8, 2018

Whether you've been a client at Family Financial Partners for some time, or you are brand new, or are thinking about becoming a client, I wanted to take some time to talk about what to expect when working with our team. We take a true team approach to our business, helping us serve you in the best and most efficient way possible. 
When it's time to set up a meeting at Family Financial Partners, Client Relations Coordinator Emily Pollock will reach out to you based on your agreed upon availability. She'll work with you and your schedule to find a time for you to come in and talk to one of our Senior Partners & Wealth Advisors about organizing your financial life. First meetings typically last 90 minutes to two hours, while subsequent meetings typically take about an hour.
Emily will also be the first person you see when you arrive for your meeting. She'll take care of anything you need and get you settled into one of the conference rooms.
One of the Wealth Advisors or Investment Representatives, Brandon SchleterKyrk Davis or Matthew Roth will run the first part of your client meeting, with one of the Senior Partners, Alex Roig or David Smyth, joining later, much like your doctor comes in for your checkup after the physician's assistant has completed your initial screening.
Any time you have paperwork needs or questions, client login questions for our eMoney software, or need to drop off payments, Operations Director Greg Wright will be the team member to talk to. Greg also sets up auto drafts and can handle any name, beneficiary or address changes you need to make. He takes care of all account trades and paperwork, so the Senior Partners and Wealth Advisors can focus on the financial planning and actual maintenance & management of your portfolio.
For long-term Family Financial Partners clients, the structure has changed over the years as the company has grown and added more staff. We are 100 percent committed to maintaining our high standard of service as we continue to grow. Wealth advisors and investment representatives have been added to free up David and Alex to spend more time on planning and market analysis, trusting the growing team to take more and more responsibility with client meetings.
This restructuring in no way indicates that you are any less of a priority for anyone on our team. Your portfolio actually receives more attention the less you see of David or Alex.
Family Financial Partners truly works as a team, and team members communicate with each other daily. If the person you're trying to reach is out of the office or in a meeting when you call, each team member is empowered to answer questions if they can, or will connect you with another team member who can help you. It's our goal for you to never have to leave a voicemail. Even if the person you reach needs to take notes and have someone call you back, you know there's a real person working on your concern.
Family Financial Partners also maintains an active social media presence and weekly newsletters. If you'd like to follow us on the various channels, Marketing & Communications Director Rebekah Sellers will answer any questions you have, and can get you signed up to receive one of our weekly newsletters. She's the one to talk to as well if you have advertising or sponsorship ideas to pitch. Family Financial Partners loves to support clients and the community through advertising and sponsorships that fit their values and budget.
We appreciate the opportunity to work and grow with each and every one of you, and we look forward to meeting anyone else you think could benefit from our services. We'll keep the coffee hot. 

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