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Summer Travel, 2022

A quarter of a century – wow! That’s right, as I’m now working on my 26th year in this business, I’m reminded of how things change, and yet, stay the same. When I first started out in 1997, my Great Aunt Sunny was 75 (she’s about to turn 100!), and I was trained that, when I called people on their home phones, I was to identify myself, tell them what firm I’m with, and ask them this shock & awe question: are you concerned about the price of gas? 

Financial Independence

This weekend we’re looking forward to celebrating the July 4th holiday and America’s independence, as I’m sure you are as well. This always gets me thinking about personal financial independence and freedom, especially as many of us work toward the American dream of a comfortable retirement. 

Speaking of retirement, you may notice a new income projection shown in the quarterly statements you receive from your employer-sponsored 401(k) plan. Known as the Lifetime Income Disclosure, this estimates the monthly payments to you and/or your spouse after you retire. The idea is that, just as you can look at your Social Security statement and determine the best time to take that benefit, you can now look at your retirement statement and have the same knowledge of what your income will look like at the age you decide to retire. 

Market Update: June 2022

How low can it go? That’s the question. I’ve heard from many of you with questions along the lines of when will the market recover, when will the bleeding stop. I’ve also heard others who have called to let me know their 401(k) is a 301(k), that they never should have invested in stocks, this terrible market is due to the current (pick a bad guy):  president / fed chairman / supply chain / Russia / inflation – and that this will never improve. It’s only down from here. 

Setting Your Personal Financial Benchmark

When you set a goal for yourself, whether financial, fitness or in another area of your life that you’d like to improve, how do you track your progress? Do you measure your successes against standards that were set for or by someone else? Or do you measure your success and achievements based on where you started out and where you’re trying to go?

Leaving a Legacy – Or Not

Last week I happened to be reading a piece by a legacy & estate attorney who was, not surprisingly, talking about legacy being the most important thing a person can do – to leave something behind for family.

While on the one hand I agree – it’s right there in our tagline that we focus on generational wealth – I do know that there are those folks who don’t necessarily want to leave a large sum for their progeny.

Summer Money To-dos

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, so that means summer is officially in full swing. Whatever you have planned, whether a beach vacation or enjoying your deck at home, don’t let the laid back days of summer make you neglect your money and financial goals. Take an evening soon to go over these money to-dos we’ve put together to help keep you on track.

Financial Considerations for Summer Vacations

With the last day of school nearly upon us and the kiddos about to be out for the summer, I’m noticing that, for the first time in a couple of years, other parents are starting to ask each other about summer vacation plans. After the travel hiatus most of us took due to Covid and with the current economic climate, it’s exciting to talk about upcoming adventures and escapes from the daily grind. 

Sharing Your Wisdom

When it comes to the topic of gift giving, moms are always the best, am I right? If you’re a male reading this and thinking Dave, what are you talking about? I give great gifts! Turn to your closest female friend or family member and ask what birthdays, holidays or special occasions are coming up. You’ll be surprised that there’s a whole separate calendar of all of these dates, unbeknownst to men – that only women have the ability to keep track of, often only in their heads. 

So…What to Do in This Market?

Since last November when the Federal Reserve said they would raise rates, the markets began to price in those expected higher interest rates, and companies likewise priced in on balance sheets and forward guidance, as is standard. The markets initially gyrated down with the expectation that rates would rise and money supply would be reduced, ending the equity party that’s been going on for years. That said, after a few weeks of adjustment, the markets popped back up to near all-time highs and at end of the year.  

Do You Need to Be Rich to Work With Us?

We’ve been talking this month about various assumptions and misconceptions people make when it comes to hiring a financial planning team. No, you don’t have to have everything figured out to work with a financial professional. That’s like thinking you have to already be in good shape to go the gym! Helping you get your financial life together is what we do, after all. 

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