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End of Year Money Moves – For You and Us

Some things to think about as we wrap up 2018.

December is here and means wrapping up your financial year as well as wrapping all those gifts. (You didn’t bust your budget, did you? No, neither did I….)

In the coming weeks, in addition to completing a few items from your planning checklist, I want to encourage all of you to think about your investments and retirement savings as we head into a new year. It’s important to plan early so that you don’t miss any opportunities. If you haven’t been in to see us since summer, let’s make sure to get together soon. We’ll sit down with you and do a complete review of your investment accounts and your goals.

During that review we’ll address your unique situation, but also answer the common questions lots of people are asking about the recent market activity. 

In addition, we will help you put together a retirement planning roadmap for 2019 and beyond. Whether you’re retiring next year or are still a decade or two away, we know that updating and reviewing your retirement plan and strategy on a regular basis will help keep you on track.

For those you who aren’t even thinking about retirement yet, now is a great time to review your entire portfolio, your strategy, and your goals for your future. No matter what the last year has brought your way, it’s still important to take stock of where you’re at and how your portfolio is performing. Have your goals changed? Has your risk tolerance level changed? Have you had the opportunity to share these changes with your financial advisor? If you haven’t been able to have that conversation, give us a call. We can review all of those things with you and help create a strategy that will help you address your financial goals.

With Christmas just around the corner (I know – I can’t believe it either), perhaps you’re thinking about financial gifts for your children or grandchildren. We can help you with ideas, whether your kids are still saving coins in a piggy bank, or they’re making their first real-world investments. Perhaps you’ve heard through friends or media that you should be starting a retirement account for one of your kids or grandkids. Maybe they’re working that first job and making a living, but don’t yet have much left over for retirement planning, and you’d like to help. This could be a great opportunity for us to discuss options with you, such as helping them fund a traditional IRA or Roth IRA. Check out FeeForPlan.com as well for ideas on giving the gift of financial planning to that new graduate, newlywed or new parent in your life. 

Now, we all know the last couple months have been a little wacky for the markets, and some of you may have some questions or concerns you haven’t brought up yet. Now is the time to let us know what’s on your mind. Whether the financial markets are smooth and serene as they had been in the year prior to 2018, or making a few more waves as they have been recently, we are always keeping track and making any necessary adjustments to your portfolio. We would love to discuss anything that’s on your mind as you think about the new year.  One thing my team and I will be working on this month is a review of 2018 as a whole, and constructing some theories on what 2019 might have in store for us. Give us a call and come on in for a chat. We’ll help you make sure 2018 wraps up on the right financial footing, and that you are prepared to keep working towards your goals in 2019. 

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