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Hitting the Reset Button

It seems to me like the whole world has just hit the reset button, sort of like when your computer is acting weird, so you just hit restart, hoping to smooth things out a little. We’ve looked for answers in Netflix. We’ve set up creative home offices. We’ve bought masks bearing the logos of our favorite sports teams while wondering when we’ll get to see them play again. We’ve accepted (some of) the things we can’t change, and we’re adjusting accordingly as best we can. 

Unless you’re an introvert who spent your whole life preparing for something just like this unprecedented last few months, a world of plans have changed. Heck, I even know some introverts who feeling a little stir crazy. I’ve talked to many folks whose retirement plans have changed, whether they’re moving it up or delaying because working from home actually isn’t so bad. Many clients and friends have told me about home purchases or renovations, now that we’re all spending so much time staying in. I know people who’ve bought boats, or RVs, or cars more comfortable for road trips in lieu of flying. 

I’ve truly enjoyed hearing from those of you who have shared your observations, thoughts, what your new normal looks like, and what you’ve done to keep busy (and sane) the last few months. One thing I want to remind everyone is that, when you’re asking yourself about your new normal and putting in place your new plan, you’re also thinking about your financial plan, whether you realize it or not. 

All of these adjustments affect your budget and your financial future in some way. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and we want help you adjust your financial plan accordingly as life goes on, despite the uncertainty. If you haven’t yet, give us a call and let us know what your reset button revealed in your life. 

Whatever plans you’re making or changing, if you don’t have a financial plan, now is the time. Our team will sit down and listen to your goals and concerns, and we’ll talk about your lifestyle and what you want your money to do for you. We’ll create a plan that’s tailored to you and your new normal, whatever that may look like. 

For those of you who have talked to us about your reset plan, do you have siblings, children or grandchildren who need some financial guidance? Introduce us, or check out FeeForPlan.com. We offer life-stage-based financial plans that can be purchased as gifts for the people in your life. We’d love to work with them.

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