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Investment Planners in Lexington, KY

When it comes to investment planning and determining what to do with your life savings, we know what you are thinking: “How much more money can you make me?” Prior to answering that question, we will take you through our investment planning process. Here are the factors that we consider in order to help you develop an investment portfolio that fits your needs:

  • Charitable gifting goals
  • Emotional risk tolerance
  • Family dynamic
  • Financial objectives
  • Future income expectations
  • Health/family history
  • Income stability
  • Inheritance issues
  • Lifestyle
  • Macro economic environment
  • Micro economic environment
  • Outside risk
  • Past investment experience
  • Personal investment preferences
  • Political environment
  • Tax considerations (current/future)
  • Trends

We consider all of these factors prior to making a formal investment planning recommendation. This allows us to craft investment solutions that truly address your goals while always acknowledging the potential risks associated with any investment strategy. Which brings us back to the question: “How much more money can you make me?” At the end of the day the answer is different for each of our client families.
For some, the goal of investment planning is to strive to maximize their returns, while others wish to preserve their life savings. The common thread that connects all of our clients is the need of efficiently positioning your assets to work for you and your specific situation.

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