Building a Winning Financial Plan

By: David Smyth, April 2, 2019

Is your March Madness bracket as busted as mine? (I'm looking at you, K-State!) Even though I never seem to be able to pick a perfect bracket, I love the NCAA tournament and look forward to watching the madness every year.

As I look at the teams who are still playing, I can't help but compare putting together a winning college hoops team to putting together a winning financial plan. You have to have a strong team, yes, but you also have to be able to navigate any number of other variables and unexpected situations that can arise.

Just like on the court, you have to be able to play both offense and defense when it comes to your financial strategy, and you need a good coaching team. You've heard me talk about my approach to mitigating as best I can the effects of a market downturn on your portfolio. Cash reserves allow us to go shopping when there are deals to be had, while keeping your monthly cash flow as protected as possible and your long-term investments working as efficiently as possible. Good offense means that our team is always personally monitoring the markets and all of our client portfolios and making any needed adjustments - in up times and down times.

And through it all, there are Cinderella teams that come out of nowhere and surprise us all, defeats that look inevitable followed by amazing comebacks, and buzzer-beaters that keep everyone on their toes. And yes, sometimes, bad calls occur, whether from the refs or our infallible elected officials. These situations do happen, and must be prepared for - in basketball and in real life. 

That's what our team is here to do for you and your family - help you get organized, and help you maneuver any unforeseen events in life. A good coach always goes into a matchup with a game plan, but also knows how to make adjustments based on the flow of the game.

Personally, I love the madness of the financial markets even more than the madness of the NCAA - and ours isn't limited only to March! I got into this business because I love helping people, and at the end of the day, that's what all of us here at Family Financial Partners are doing - helping you create a winning game plan for your future.

If you have questions about the plan we've put in place for you and your loved ones, please, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call us. And if you know someone who might need a little help with their strategy, let us know. We'd love to be part of their team as we continue to grow ours.

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