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Overwhelmed? We Can Help

By: Alexander Roig, April 6, 2017

It's Spring Break this week, and my two boys, Carter and Andrew, have been enjoying lots of non-school activities. My wife, Jamie, and I decided not to take a trip this year, so exploring the area around us seemed like a fun way to spend the week. Of course, it's Thursday, and we haven't even gotten through half the list of things we had planned on doing. Zoos, ball games, nature walks, fishing - it all sounds great when planning the week on Saturday afternoon, but somehow there's never quite enough time to get everything in. 
We find this is true with our clients at Family Financial Partners as well. Generally, when a client comes in for an initial planning meeting, we identify around 30 or so items or to-dos that need to be addressed and taken care of. But a 30-item to-do list? Yeah right. That'll never happen.
Instead of overwhelming our client families with an exhaustive to-do list of everything we recommend, our approach is to distill each client's goals and to-dos into quarterly priorities. We break things down into categories as well, such as legal and estate planning, family budgeting, insurance and saving. 
These custom, individualized planning checklists not only help clients easily prioritize and see their progress as they check things off, it keeps them accountable to the plan they asked us to create for them. This also helps us track their progress and update their planning checklist with new priorities as items are completed. 
Even with those clients who come to us with more complex financial lives, one of the keys to success is keeping people from feeling overwhelmed. We all know the feeling of having so much to get done that it's almost paralyzing. One thing we hope financial planning does for our clients is reduce their stress, not add to it. And we never want clients to think the checklist is a static, one-and-done document. As things in life change, so do priorities. Items will need to be added to the list and others become less important. It's all part of what we cover each time we sit down for a meeting. 
Are you feeling overwhelmed by your finances, or know someone who is? Maybe you're not even sure where to start? Give us a call. We'll help your organize your financial life and sleep better at night, knowing your to-do list is under control. Initial meetings are always complimentary. Now, I have to go fishing. 

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