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Our Story

On August 1, 2005 Family Financial Partners was founded. Since our inception we have provided full-service financial planning solutions to multi-generational families.

It still remains a debate between Alex Roig and David Smyth as to who actually thought of the name. Over the preceding weeks numerous names and concepts had been bantered back and forth. At some point, we finally both agreed that the central reason we were setting out on our own to start a business came down to one word…family.

Our focus as business partners has always been to grow our business while still enjoying our family lives and everything our community has to offer. Although our team has now grown to be bigger than just David and Alex, we have never lost sight of the goals our client families have. Over the years, we have expanded our team to provide additional services and enhanced our technology platform.

We understand that your motivation is to take care of your family. By sharing that goal with you, we make your family a partner in our collective success. Just as we care about the individual families we serve, we also care about the community in which we live. Since our inception, we have displayed a strong commitment to encourage and support both local and national charitable causes.

In 2010, we founded Family Financial Foundation, a Lexington, Kentucky-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The Foundation works to raise awareness, enhance, and financially support nonprofit organizations that share our core values. Typically, these organizations are chosen based on their commitment to improve the quality of family life within the state of Kentucky.

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