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Retirement Solutions in Lexington, KY

Through helping countless Lexington, Kentucky families make the transition from working to retirement, we know that entering this new stage of life can be stressful. When families begin to think about this new chapter, they must consider what to do with the assets they have worked hard to accumulate over the years. Our retirement planning services can help ease that stress with a plan tailored to your retirement needs.


Some families need to determine how to turn those assets into an income stream that will last. Others seek to spend everything by a certain age (the “broke by 90” mentality). Still others wish to utilize assets in a way that not only provides income, but also leaves a legacy for family members or an alma mater.  Whatever your needs, we are here to help.


We believe that each family is like a puzzle. It’s important for us to understand all the pieces of your life and how they fit together in order to best assist you. When you allow us to help with your retirement planning, we will begin with a thorough assessment of where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re trying to go. Together, we’ll figure out your dreams for retirement, and then we will take the steps necessary to ensure success.


Whether you are a newlywed, a new employee, or a recent empty nester, it is never too early to start planning for the future. In fact, many of our retired clients have remarked that they wish they had met with us decades earlier!  Waiting until retirement is just around the corner can cause unnecessary anxiety. Don’t put it off—let us know how we can help you begin the planning process.


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