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Life Insurance – A Tool In the Financial Toolbox

Last week, Alex and I were honored to attend a conference for our broker-dealer/advisory company, where our team was recognized as one of the top in the country. Over and over again, other advisors and attendees came up and asked us what products we recommend, and where in the world we find all the great clients we work with.

Life Insurance in Real Life

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and as always, we’ll be sharing lots of information throughout the next few weeks about this important part of your financial plan.

How Long Will You Live?

For those of you who are clients with us at Family Financial Partners, you may or may not remember our first few meetings where we asked all sorts of seemingly random questions. We don’t do this to pry – we’re trying to get a good feel for the various financial puzzle pieces you have in your life, and these might be things you haven’t even thought about – at least in terms of how they affect your finances.

If We’ve Told You Once …

In a perfect world, where everyone knew exactly what they should do with their finances and made perfect financial decisions, there would be no need for you to use a financial planning team. The reality is, however, that we all live in an imperfect world, where all of you are very intelligent and highly skilled at something…other than financial planning.

Retiring Debt-free – Do You Still Need Life Insurance?

You might not – but the answer depends on several factors.

The other day, we had some new clients come in for their first meeting. This couple is in their late 50s, about five years from retirement, and they’re super excited because they’ve just paid off their last consumer debt – all credit cards, lines of credit on their home, car payments, and yes, even their mortgage were officially paid in full. If I were part of the Dave Ramsey show, they’d have been yelling “We’re Debt Free!”

Life Insurance Later in Life

We’ve talked about life insurance a lot lately, as September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. We’ve covered topics for young single folks and growing families, so today we want to specifically address retirees.

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