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The 12 Days of Smythmas!

By now, I’m sure all the moms and grandmas out there are done with their Christmas shopping and have moved on to meal planning and making New Year’s Eve plans. Hat’s off to you for being organized and taking the lead!
Now, I’m sure many of you fellas haven’t even considered that there’s going to be mass gift-giving in a week, never mind starting to work on what to give. To make things worse, when you do venture out to tackle your shopping, you’ll have to choose which level of Dante’s Inferno you want to enter: Hamburg, Fayette Mall or The Summit! I get it – I’ve been there. The only solution to your shopping quandary becomes gift cards from the Shell station or CVS to show how much you really care.

All silliness aside, we are down to the last few days before Christmas, and we’re all trying to get everything done for this self-imposed deadline of December 25. So, I’ve come up with a few fun ways to survive what I like to call The Seven Days of Smythmas. (Inspired, somewhat loosely, by The 12 Days of Christmas…)

On the first day of Smythmas, I was dismayed to find, my gifts are out of stock on Amazon Prime!

On the second day of Smythmas, I dug out all my old Bath & Bodyworks coupons! (Scented candles for everyone!)

On the third day of Smythmas, I walked into her favorite store….only to realize I don’t know her size!

On the fourth day of Smythmas, I didn’t make the Peloton mistake, but a Weight Watchers membership is okay….right?

On the fifth day of Smythmas, I was going to get her Bowl Game tickets….but wait, that’s actually a gift for me!

On the sixth day of Smythmas, I called her BFF to find out what it is she actually wants! (Whew!)

On the seventh day of Smythmas, I recycled all those old “IOU” gift cards that never got used!

Whatever you and yours find waiting under the tree next week, I wish you all a Merry Christmas full of love, family, good food and wonderful memories.

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