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Fee for Plan Packages

Fee for Plan

Our Fee for Plan packages are a unique financial service for the 21st Century. This model allows clients to purchase financial plans for a flat fee on an a-la-carte basis, instead of hiring an advisor for ongoing services. Fee for Plan plans are tailored specifically to clients in one of five life stages – recent graduates, newlyweds, new parents, pre-retirees and retirees. Clients will receive a detailed, customized plan based on their individual needs that they can use today and reach for again and again as they work toward their financial goals.

One of our highly qualified advisors will work closely with you either in-person or over the phone to develop a plan that is realistic, fits your needs and lifestyle, and clearly lays out your financial goals and recommended courses of action to meet them. The plan is yours to take with you and reference as needed as you work toward your financial dreams.As a fiduciary, we ensure complete transparency and hold the responsibility to always act in the client’s best interest.

Purchase a plan for yourself, or buy for a family member or friend.

It’s real planning for real life, right now.

On Your Own

The On Your Own plan targets recent graduates who are joining the workforce for the first time but have not yet married or started a family.

Tying the Knot

This stage of life usually involves some asset growth and the need to merge two separate budgets. With the Tying the Knot plan, we will reinforce the importance of living within your means as you save for the future.

New Arrival

Once a couple is established and ready to start a family (or has just started one!), it’s time for the New Arrival plan.


The Pre-Retirement plan is perfect for those who are in the full swing of work and family life.


With the children grown, career completed and retirement lifestyle likely already defined, it’s time to purchase our Retirement plan.


Not sure which one is best for you or have questions about our plans? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help. 

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