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Month: March 2017

March Money Madness – Diversification and Vegas Odds

Whether stocks or teams, it’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket.

With at least 13 million brackets submitted through ESPN alone and Las Vegas bookies expecting between $200 and $225 million wagered just in the state of Nevada during this year’s NCAA tournament, well, the madness is in full swing!

March Money Madness – Bracket Picks & Cinderella Teams

Welcome to another edition of Financial Planning Madness, where instead of just talking about boring financial topics, we’ll (hopefully!) help you pick a few bracket busters as you fill out your NCAA tournament brackets.

March Money Madness – What’s Hot & What’s Not

Everywhere you look these days it’s March Madness. First, there was the announcement that Warren Buffet is finally buying a purely tech company in Apple (Aapl). He drew a comparison between iTunes and the Gillette razor blade – each is the repeatable purchase for its respective company. Proctor & Gamble doesn’t make its money from razors – it makes money from the blades. Same thing goes for Apple and iTunes, right?

Method to Our Madness

Our team may be different from other advisors you’ve worked with. Here’s why.

Whether you’re a client at Family Financial Partners or you don’t work with us yet, you may have noticed that our team approach looks a little different than other financial planners or advisors. First and foremost, what sets us apart and makes us unique is that we have a team of folks who are truly all in this together. Typically, within many other practices, we find that advisors are siloed, in that they have their own book of business, and they don’t share clients or work within client accounts that aren’t primarily the folks they deal with.

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