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Financial Considerations for Summer Vacations

With the last day of school nearly upon us and the kiddos about to be out for the summer, I’m noticing that, for the first time in a couple of years, other parents are starting to ask each other about summer vacation plans. After the travel hiatus most of us took due to Covid and with the current economic climate, it’s exciting to talk about upcoming adventures and escapes from the daily grind. 

Sharing Your Wisdom

When it comes to the topic of gift giving, moms are always the best, am I right? If you’re a male reading this and thinking Dave, what are you talking about? I give great gifts! Turn to your closest female friend or family member and ask what birthdays, holidays or special occasions are coming up. You’ll be surprised that there’s a whole separate calendar of all of these dates, unbeknownst to men – that only women have the ability to keep track of, often only in their heads. 

So…What to Do in This Market?

Since last November when the Federal Reserve said they would raise rates, the markets began to price in those expected higher interest rates, and companies likewise priced in on balance sheets and forward guidance, as is standard. The markets initially gyrated down with the expectation that rates would rise and money supply would be reduced, ending the equity party that’s been going on for years. That said, after a few weeks of adjustment, the markets popped back up to near all-time highs and at end of the year.  

Do You Need to Be Rich to Work With Us?

We’ve been talking this month about various assumptions and misconceptions people make when it comes to hiring a financial planning team. No, you don’t have to have everything figured out to work with a financial professional. That’s like thinking you have to already be in good shape to go the gym! Helping you get your financial life together is what we do, after all. 

The Ideal Client

One question I am asked often in this business is, what makes a good client for Family Financial Partners? Last week, we talked about common assumptions people make about working with a financial advisor. Today, I want to take a look at what makes a good client, and some of the misconceptions we hear about this as well. 

5 Financial Assumptions to Let Go

For those of you reading this who already work with our team, thanks! We always appreciate your business and your referrals. If you’re reading this and you don’t work with us yet, I want to address some of the common misconceptions that keep people from picking up the phone and scheduling their complimentary first meeting with us. 

Fools Gold & Hidden Gems

When it comes to investing in the stock market, the risks are similar to the risks taken by the initial gold miners during the California gold rush of the 1840s. Just imagine back then when gold was aplenty – you could literally stoop into a creek with a pan and find nuggets of gold. Or, you could choose to dig a hole and find a vein from a mine, or an old waterfall with a bunch of gold at the bottom.

Starting a Family – Or Not

As a child, I always wondered why my siblings and I and all of my friends had summer or fall birthdays ranging from July 4 through Thanksgiving. We could never figure it out! As an adult, I now completely understand – within each calendar year, there’s a social season and stay-in-and-cuddle season. For all of you with birthdays in that range, trust me, you’ll never look at birthdays the same. Our parents were Netflix-and-chilling before there was Netflix. 

Is a Refi Still a Good Idea?

With inflation at all-time highs these days, many people are feeling the pinch in their budgets, and are looking for ways to cut costs, tighten the belt, and find a little extra cash. Refinancing your mortgage could still be a way to mitigate those daily effects on your budget. True, rates aren’t at the historic lows we saw last year, but you could still save some money.

Tax Time!

t’s the most wonderful time of the year, and no, I’m not talking about the chill in the air – I’m talking about that time of year when we all get to file our taxes with Uncle Sam. Now, I know many of you hear “taxes” and clinch up in fear of this year’s bill, but this week, I’m going to focus more on how things work behind the scenes in our office. 

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