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Dave’s Inbox: Should I stop contributing to retirement during the bear market?

I keep track of the many questions I receive from client families about their financial pictures, and I wanted to address two of those questions that have come up quite a bit recently regarding retirement accounts in a down market.

Investment vs. Speculation: What’s the difference?

Many people spent 2022 putting money into a 401(k), only to watch that balance stay the same, or even go down. Unfortunately, that’s the way markets are from time to time. I understand that is not very motivating, and you may be questioning some of your decisions. It might have you wondering if you should stay the course or try to jump on the bandwagon of the next big “investment” in an attempt to recover some losses. Before making any decisions, let’s make sure the next big “Investment” is actually an investment and not just speculation.  

My Best Piece of Financial Advice

A teacher friend of mine recently asked me a question. She does something in her classes she calls Financial Fridays, where she talks to her high school students about a useful financial topic each week. (I wish more teachers would do this!). She wanted to know the number-one piece of advice I would give to a person just out of high school to set them up for future financial success. 

Fall Money To-Dos

The cooler weather has finally arrived and it officially feels like fall in the Bluegrass! Before you know it, holidays will be upon us, and we’ll be embarking on a brand new year. But before 2017 arrives, make sure to finish 2016 on a strong financial note. It’s important to review your finances and financial goals now, before hectic fall and holiday schedules get in the way, and you’re scrambling to get things in order for the new year. Taking care of these to-dos today could make the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 much more relaxing.

From Gambling to Investing

For lots of people, starting out investing in the financial markets feels a lot like gambling. It can be scary for even seasoned investors, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, well, it’s next to impossible to develop a strategy that will work for you long-term. Sure, it can be fun to buy a $5 stock and watch it double to $10, but it could just as easily plummet to $1. Roulette, anyone?

Do You Need to Be Rich to Work With Us?

We’ve been talking this month about various assumptions and misconceptions people make when it comes to hiring a financial planning team. No, you don’t have to have everything figured out to work with a financial professional. That’s like thinking you have to already be in good shape to go the gym! Helping you get your financial life together is what we do, after all. 

The Ideal Client

One question I am asked often in this business is, what makes a good client for Family Financial Partners? Last week, we talked about common assumptions people make about working with a financial advisor. Today, I want to take a look at what makes a good client, and some of the misconceptions we hear about this as well. 

5 Financial Assumptions to Let Go

For those of you reading this who already work with our team, thanks! We always appreciate your business and your referrals. If you’re reading this and you don’t work with us yet, I want to address some of the common misconceptions that keep people from picking up the phone and scheduling their complimentary first meeting with us. 

Fools Gold & Hidden Gems

When it comes to investing in the stock market, the risks are similar to the risks taken by the initial gold miners during the California gold rush of the 1840s. Just imagine back then when gold was aplenty – you could literally stoop into a creek with a pan and find nuggets of gold. Or, you could choose to dig a hole and find a vein from a mine, or an old waterfall with a bunch of gold at the bottom.

3 Ways to Make Saving a Habit

When it comes to the markets and how your investments perform over the course of your career, there isn’t much we can say for certain. Markets are hard to predict! But one thing we can say is this: if the basics of saving aren’t there, it doesn’t matter how well investments are performing. You have to build that base.

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