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Month: July 2017

How Long Will You Live?

For those of you who are clients with us at Family Financial Partners, you may or may not remember our first few meetings where we asked all sorts of seemingly random questions. We don’t do this to pry – we’re trying to get a good feel for the various financial puzzle pieces you have in your life, and these might be things you haven’t even thought about – at least in terms of how they affect your finances.

The Gift of Time

This time of year, we’re all noting that in Central Kentucky, we’ve got about a month until school is back in session. Some us look forward to that, and getting back into our “normal” routines, but at the same time, a lot of us are trying to maximize these last few weeks of summer with the kids by heading to the beach, the pool, or taking a nice hike while the days are still long and warm.

Checking The Vital Signs

At a conference our team attended this week in Cleveland, I overheard several conversations about the current state of the financial markets, and what folks are thinking is going to happen in the coming weeks and months. People look back at the crash of 2000, the crash of 2008, and then at the current rally and think we’re inevitably due for another crash.

Gratitude and Happiness

I recently watched an excellent Ted Talk on how gratitude leads to happiness. The gist is that being truly grateful, even for the small things, and showing that gratitude throughout each and every day, leads to a much greater feeling of happiness and satisfaction in life.

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