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Month: December 2017

Christmas Cheer

I don’t know about you, but here we are at the halfway point of December, in the crux of the Christmas season, and I feel like my head is on a swivel! Between preparing my home, taking my kiddos shopping for those perfect gifts for their loved ones, and the overwhelming number of boxes arriving in my office on a daily basis, well, it all tells me something is a afoot and it’s coming faster than any of realized.

When to Hire a Professional

For all conversational purposes, 2017 has been a cakewalk for most investors. All you had to do was buy an index fund, and, depending on which one you bought, your investment may be up. For me to suggest that you had a diversified portfolio that lost money is ludicrous. Except for the people who own just energy stocks. They’ve lost. But, energy was the big winner last year, so they’re fine over 24 months.

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