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Month: April 2018

Financial Conversations

For those of you who currently work with us, we’ve been super active during the first quarter of the year making adjustments to your portfolio, and as we always say, the near-3000-point correction in the Dow has since rallied back up 1200 or so points before taking another smaller dip this week.

How We Grow Our Team

A few weeks ago, we talked about some of the changes happening in our office as we continue to grow our team and our business, and what to expect for both new and veteran clients.

From the Beach to the Backyard

In client meetings recently, some of you have come in and told us about some lofty or crazy goals. Some of these are, well, a little out there, but most of the time we’ll say, “let’s go!” and start planning. I love hearing the goals our client families set for themselves, and the different ideas people come up with over the years.

The Importance of Dynamic Planning

If you enjoy long, boring car rides like I do, you may have searched out some good audio books and podcasts to listen to while you’re cruising. Perhaps some of those even had to do with money and financial planning. The sheer number and volume of financial podcasts out there never ceases to amaze me.

“Do You Do That?”

I often have conversations with friends of friends when I’m out socially that often start with an introduction like, “this is Dave, he manages my money,” or “he’s a financial planner.” I shake hands and say “nice to meet you – what do you do?” At this point the person tells me they’re a contractor, or an engineer, or a teacher, physician, or “I own such-and-such business.” They tell me a little more, and I ask a few questions as we make polite conversation.

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