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Month: November 2021

The Wisdom of Life Insurance

Family gatherings at the dinner table have always been special to me. Some of my favorite memories happened – and some life skills were developed – around my parents’ dining room table. After church on Sundays, they’d usually host another couple or two, and after dessert and taking my dishes to the sink, I’d get my piggy bank (except mine was a duck), and make the rounds soliciting our guests for their loose change. They all obliged young Dave by dropping a coin into my duck bank, at which point I’d go get my actual piggy bank for round two! Then, I’d empty them both out and offer folks their coins back. (I wasn’t the hardened capitalist I am today!)

It’s Time to Talk About Long-term Care

You may or may not know that November is Long-term Care Insurance Awareness Month. Now, this may not sound like a fun topic to spend a month talking about, but I can tell you from personal experience – three examples in my extended family in fact – that if you need this coverage and don’t have it, there will be regrets.

Give the Gift of Financial Planning

Every year at Thanksgiving, it’s tradition in our home to take a few minutes and go around the table so everyone can share what they’re thankful for. We know that this year – probably more than last year – you’ll be getting together with your families for the holiday. For some, it may be the first time seeing them in quite a while. 

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