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Month: March 2022

Fools Gold & Hidden Gems

When it comes to investing in the stock market, the risks are similar to the risks taken by the initial gold miners during the California gold rush of the 1840s. Just imagine back then when gold was aplenty – you could literally stoop into a creek with a pan and find nuggets of gold. Or, you could choose to dig a hole and find a vein from a mine, or an old waterfall with a bunch of gold at the bottom.

Starting a Family – Or Not

As a child, I always wondered why my siblings and I and all of my friends had summer or fall birthdays ranging from July 4 through Thanksgiving. We could never figure it out! As an adult, I now completely understand – within each calendar year, there’s a social season and stay-in-and-cuddle season. For all of you with birthdays in that range, trust me, you’ll never look at birthdays the same. Our parents were Netflix-and-chilling before there was Netflix. 

Is a Refi Still a Good Idea?

With inflation at all-time highs these days, many people are feeling the pinch in their budgets, and are looking for ways to cut costs, tighten the belt, and find a little extra cash. Refinancing your mortgage could still be a way to mitigate those daily effects on your budget. True, rates aren’t at the historic lows we saw last year, but you could still save some money.

Tax Time!

t’s the most wonderful time of the year, and no, I’m not talking about the chill in the air – I’m talking about that time of year when we all get to file our taxes with Uncle Sam. Now, I know many of you hear “taxes” and clinch up in fear of this year’s bill, but this week, I’m going to focus more on how things work behind the scenes in our office. 

Market Update: World War 3?

World War Three. There, I said it. People have nightmares about this stuff. People make movies about this stuff. People write fiction and sci-fi about this stuff. People look at the First World War, they look at the Second World War, and say, “No, we’ll never have World War Three because now we have so many nukes between the US and Russia, our mutual destruction would be guaranteed.” 

3 Ways to Make Saving a Habit

When it comes to the markets and how your investments perform over the course of your career, there isn’t much we can say for certain. Markets are hard to predict! But one thing we can say is this: if the basics of saving aren’t there, it doesn’t matter how well investments are performing. You have to build that base.

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