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Month: September 2022

Fall Financial Fitness: The Basic 5 Checklist

As we fall back into financial fitness this month, we’re focusing on ways to get (or stay) on track financially for the rest of the year. This week, we’re going to layout a basic 5-step financial checklist that we believe everyone should use to guide their financial life. If you can’t check them all off, then let’s get to work!

Fall Financial Fitness

For many people, the start of fall corresponds with the day the kids go back to school. But for others, we know what really signals the start of fall: football season! Of course football also brings with it the need to plan for tailgates, time with family & friends around the TV cheering on your favorite teams, and any number of other vital social gatherings. 

Choosing & Paying For College: Things to Consider

For all of you entering college for the first time this month, and for all you seniors leaving high school this spring (including mine!!), this is for you! We know you’re feeling the pressure of not only choosing where you will go to college, but what you’ll pick to major in. These decisions would be daunting at any age, but at 18, well, it’s a lot. I know many of you will say you’ll go to whatever school will have you and give you the best financial package, but let’s take a step back for a moment and talk about a few personal development questions. 

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