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Month: January 2023

Investment vs. Speculation: What’s the difference?

Before making any decisions, let’s make sure the next big “Investment” is actually an investment and not just speculation.

After a 2022 downturn, hope springs eternal in 2023

2022 was truly an awful year as the Federal Reserve began its interest rate hike policy in an attempt to battle inflation. Speaking of inflation, I know that many of you have been frustrated by the higher costs associated with financing a new home, purchasing a vehicle, or trips to any retailer. Inflation, measured by the Consumer Price Index, rose by 6.5% in 2022.

New year, same problems.

However, there are several pieces of good news.

Don’t Rush Your Financial Plan

When it comes to saving and investing, it’s always a good idea to start young and be consistent. Early and often, right? While this is solid advice, I also advise my clients not to rush the process when it comes to building a solid financial foundation.

Your Financial Personality

As everyone is thinking about financial perspectives and priorities during the first weeks of the new year, we encourage client couples and families to ask themselves a few lifestyle and values questions that will help them determine their approach to money – and help us in going over their budgets and goals. No two clients are alike, and lifestyle goals are as varied as the people we work with.

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