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Hitting the Reset Button

It seems to me like the whole world has just hit the reset button, sort of like when your computer is acting weird, so you just hit restart, hoping to smooth things out a little. We’ve looked for answers in Netflix. We’ve set up creative home offices. We’ve bought masks bearing the logos of our favorite sports teams while wondering when we’ll get to see them play again. We’ve accepted (some of) the things we can’t change, and we’re adjusting accordingly as best we can.

Off to the Races!

Our office has been open for eight weeks now, and I am super happy to say we’ve had some new clients come in for initial meetings for the first time in months. People are coming out of their shelters and are comfortable sitting on opposite ends of our conference table at a proper social distance. It’s been great to have people in, and a big thank you to those who have taken us up on our invitation to refer your friends, family and colleagues to our team. And if you haven’t yet, please do. There’s a lot we can do to help out during these confusing times, and our team has the capacity for more investment and planning clients.

4 Ways the World has Changed

As we’re slowly coming out of the lockdown and things are settling into a new normal, I’ve been noticing changes around me in how the world works and how we humans are interacting with that world, and with each other. Today I wanted to share some of my observations, and also hear from you about the changes you’re observing.

It’s Clear: Communication is Key

One of the most interesting things about my job as a financial planner is that in the conversations I have with clients, I get to look in through the proverbial kitchen window and see how couples communicate. Now, I make it a practice never to throw any of my clients under the bus in my weekly newsletter. But there’s nothing that says I can’t throw my parents under the bus!

What’s Your Cash Flow Plan?

So, you’re finally planning on leaving the daily grind and putting your working days behind you – or are you..? As work-from-home orders continue in many professions, I’m hearing from more and more clients who were determined to retire on July 1, or December 31, who are now thinking they may not be completely out the door and done.

When Kids Leave Home

In normal times, May and June are when you see moving vans that signify kids moving out of their dorms and into summer apartments, and U-hauls picking up basement furniture that will now be the best piece in the place. This rite of passage has been short-circuited this year of course, but there are plenty of parents whose kids will be leaving home with a year or two.

Life’s Changes Are Still Happening

For those of us in Central Kentucky, this week marked the end of the 2020 school year for the majority of our kiddos. If you’re like me, you may be having a mini-celebration that you don’t have to play teacher anymore – at least when it comes to school work.

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