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New Client Relationships

What are we looking for?

In speaking recently with many potential clients, I’ve fielded inquiries over and over about the minimum investment amount required to come on board with us.

Today, I’m setting the record straight once and for all: We don’t have a minimum requirement at Family Financial Partners. You heard that right. Our team approach means that we don’t have to require a certain amount from our clients in order to survive, as those smaller, one-adviser firms do. They’re wearing too many hats to be able to focus on smaller clients. 

In the past, I’ve brushed this question off, but with these last four years of a bull market and economic recovery, many retirees and pre-retirees boast assets of a million dollars or more. However, we know that the vast majority of your friends, family and neighbors aren’t there yet, and we want to work with them too. 

I set out in this business to help families create a plan for their future, and that’s still what we do here at Family Financial Partners. We create financial plans, we invest money, and we help make sure our client families are protected through proper insurance coverage should they face a tragic life event. The clients we help come in all shapes, sizes – and asset levels. 

Although our team doesn’t require a minimum amount to bring you on board as a client, we do expect certain things from the families we serve. If you’re going to work with us, we will expect you to communicate your financial goals to us, and actively save and work toward achieving those goals. We’re looking for people who will allow us to hold them accountable on the path toward realizing those financial goals and dreams. 

Just like you work hard to save your money and build your nest egg, we work hard to grow our business. We’ve expanded from a firm of two – just Alex and me – to 10 full- and part-time employees. Our new office space means we’ll be able to keep growing without pulling Alex, Scott or me away from what we do best – one-on-one meetings with you and looking out for your family. Let’s continue to grow together. 

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