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Organizing Your Financial Life

Financial Paralysis

Here at Family Financial Partners, we are proud to be able to say that the majority – nine out of 10 – of new clients who come in to have initial conversations with us do end up choosing to work with us. To be perfectly honest however, we’d prefer to bat a thousand. We’ll always keep striving for perfection, even if we know we’ll never get there.

How Long Will You Live?

For those of you who are clients with us at Family Financial Partners, you may or may not remember our first few meetings where we asked all sorts of seemingly random questions. We don’t do this to pry – we’re trying to get a good feel for the various financial puzzle pieces you have in your life, and these might be things you haven’t even thought about – at least in terms of how they affect your finances.

Budget Leaks

When it comes to budgeting, we see people falling into the same traps over and over again. Now, in theory, well all know what it means to budget: live within your means, spend less than you make, save for emergencies. Sounds simple, right? Then why do so many people, no matter how much money they’re bringing in, have trouble with budgets?

If We’ve Told You Once …

In a perfect world, where everyone knew exactly what they should do with their finances and made perfect financial decisions, there would be no need for you to use a financial planning team. The reality is, however, that we all live in an imperfect world, where all of you are very intelligent and highly skilled at something…other than financial planning.

Consolidating? Things to Consider First

It’s that time of year when caps and gowns are being packed away and newly minted college graduates have walked across the stage and into the real world here with the rest of us. Many of those students – and their parents and grandparents – will soon start paying off student loans, and will likely be thinking about consolidating some of them to make things a little more manageable.

Personal Training for your Finances

A neutral third party is a good idea in many situations – right? Take personal training. Telling my significant other to work out more and eat better probably wouldn’t go over well, would it? She’d either ignore me, take offense, or get mad. Really mad! But a personal trainer is supposed to do all those things. That’s what they get paid for, after all.

Cleaning Out Your Financial Junk Drawer

Every year about this time I try to go through some of the clutter in my house. Invariably, I get to my sock drawer and find about eight socks without mates. I also usually find boxes that never got unpacked from the last move, and my basement these days seems like its sole purpose is to store unused junk. Who needs mismatched socks, or a room full of stuff you don’t use? Once a year, I toss anything I haven’t used in the last year and get rid of all those unworn socks.

3 Ways to Jump Start Your Financial Goals

Winter weather is upon us, and I know the snowfall has lots of people hunkering down inside. I know I’m trying to use this extra time on my hands to get my own finances in order for the year, and I’m encouraging all my clients to do the same. Here are three ways to be productive while you’re snowed in to help you kick off 2017 financially fit. First, simply ask yourself if you know where everything is in your financial life. By now you’ve probably started a work-sponsored retirement plan or two, opened an emergency fund account, and bought a few insurance policies.

Focus on your Finances

Whether we participate in the annual ritual or not, we’re all aware of that thing called spring cleaning that happens each year (or does it?) when the weather finally starts to warm up. Well, with the first snow of the year predicted for this week, now is a good time to hunker down and tackle a winter cleaning – for your finances.

4 Ways to End 2016 Financially Strong

We all know holidays are busy, and the last thing you want to think about is money stuff. I get it. I’d much rather be shopping for ugly Christmas sweaters and eating way too many holiday treats. But trust me – taking care of these four things today will make the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 much less stressful.

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