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Take Time to Review Life Changes

In the coming weeks, depending on what state you live in and who your governor is, you may or may not be making plans to gather with family during this holiday season. Regardless of whether you’re staying home or heading to see loved ones for a little Christmas cheer, this is a perfect time to review the beneficiaries named on your accounts. (You know, in case of any bad thanksgiving turkey…) It’s also never a bad idea to think about and review any changes in your life that might trigger the need to update your legal documents, life insurance coverage or retirement accounts. 

In addition, while you’re having this conversation with yourself, please also review the online storage checklist we provided, and think about anything that has changed or needs to be updated and documented. Perhaps you’ve moved to a new home, or bought a new car or other large asset that needs to be insured. Believe it or not, many people buy new cars and that famous new car smell messes with their brains! Or, maybe you’ve inherited something that you want to pass on as well, and you don’t want that to get lost in life’s shuffles. You may want to update your will to reflect this. 

This all may seem boring to you, but trust me – taking 15 minutes to think about these things will at the very least give you peace of mind that you’re all set and good to go. Of course you might find that updates are needed. Personally, I find these weeks between holidays to be a good time to check off a few things before the real to-dos of shopping, wrapping and eating get underway, and on New Year’s Eve you look back and say, what happened to the last month??

So, before the holiday storm hits, take a few minutes to complete this personal inventory, and let us know if we can be of any service.

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