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The Best-laid Plans…

Lately, we’ve seen something of a tale of two markets. The Nasdaq, which comprises primarily technology and biotech companies, has actually rebounded. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500, which are made up of more traditional industries that require in-person gatherings, are down. It’s an interesting study in haves and have-nots. This is why we always tell you to diversify your investments, folks, and we have been actively adjusting your portfolios since March as we’ve followed the current events. 

Watching the markets react in these different ways to the current reality got me thinking about how we, as humans, are reacting to the changing world. These are frustrating times, and trust me, I’ve had some hard days as I’ve watched every plan I’ve made for the spring and summer fall apart. 

My trip to England to hug my sister and nephew and finally meet my niece (with supplemental jaunt to Ireland) has been cancelled. Work conferences in Austin, Chicago and Las Vegas have been cancelled. I’m betting a conference this summer in Orlando will also be cancelled. And of course those staples of spring in Kentucky – Keeneland, the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby – all cancelled or postponed. I’ll admit, I have gotten angry and frustrated more than once. I love to travel more than just about anything, and with each trip, well, it’s been tough. 

Till now, I’ve been cancelling my planned activities week by week. But I’ve decided that I’m tired of watching my schedule fall apart little by little. I’ve now gone through and cancelled all plans for the remainder of the year, and have decided that at least until 2022, I’m going to try living in the present instead of always focusing on making plans for future events. While I’m at peace with this life decision, I’m also kind of freaking out. I’m a planner, after all! I’m usually the one building the calendar, being the host, and bringing people together. 

I’m eager to see how I’ll fill the void, and what new experiences I’ll find in a less planned out life. But I’ve come to a realization that, while I can’t control the circumstances that are causing me to have to change all my plans, I can control how I react. Worrying about rescheduling my flights – one airline (that starts with a D) gave me an eight-hour wait time when I called recently – only causes more stress. Why spend eight hours on hold, worrying about whether or not I’ll actually be able to travel in December, when I could be living in the moment, watching my sons enjoy their days, adapt gracefully and get creative? 

We’re all having different experiences with this situation, and I encourage you all to cut yourselves some slack, find ways to let go of the stress, and not worry if you haven’t learned a new skill or read six books. Instead of lamenting what we’ve lost, let’s reflect on things we’ve gained. 

Of course, I know many have lost jobs, and loved ones, and my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you all. 

It’s a season for change, but one thing doesn’t change: our team is always here to take your calls, answer your questions and listen to your concerns. And if you have friends or family with questions or concerns, remember, first meetings with our team are always free. We’ll share a virtual coffee.

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