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The Gift of Financial Planning

Need the perfect gift for the recent grad in your life? We can help!

With commencements either right behind or right in front of you, you may still be considering the perfect gift for that newly minted college graduate in your life. 

Just the other day, in fact, I had a conversation with a recent graduate whose dad’s financial planner had taken him out to dinner to celebrate. The advisor of course asked the grad what he and his wife were up to now that classes were completed. Upon hearing that they were facing some student loans, somewhere between the Caesar salad and the lava cake, the financial planner suggested that the young man get those paid off, and then come talk to him. 

This grad came away from the conversation feeling a.) embarrassed about his debt, b.) that he didn’t need a financial plan based on the fact that he had student loan debt, and c.), that he didn’t need a financial planner until that debt is gone. I’m sure this isn’t the message that financial advisor meant to give. Regardless, that’s the message that was received. 

For those of you who are recent graduates or have a family member finishing school, please know that it is our belief that you do need a financial planner at every stage of life. This is why we launched FeeForPlan.com a few years back. This service allows us to work with folks just starting out, whether recent gradsnewlyweds or new parents. These services are more simplified and laser-focused on a person’s respective stage of life, and all the financial considerations that come with those stages. We have found that families who have given these plans as a gift have seen a positive return on that investment. 

Keep in mind that summer travel, family get-togethers, and, believe it or not, even Christmas are around the bend. How would it feel to sit down for a family meal with those kids and know they’ve been given good advice – and you didn’t have to give your own blood?!?

This is why we built FeeForPlan – it allows us to work with the next generation, at an affordable fee, that will train them to be good stewards of their current assets, and any you might leave them down the road. What’s keeping you from giving the gift of financial planning to the recent grads or newlyweds in your life? Send us an email, or contact us through FeeForPlan.com. 

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