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Thoughts on 2018

Vacations, Bitcoin, Trump and more! 

Folks, I am super pumped for 2018 to finally be here! During the Christmas and New Year holidays, I was able to take some much-needed time off and celebrate Christmas with my kiddos, while actually putting an “out of office” notice on my email. I tossed my cell phone in a box, stayed away from social media, didn’t check office or personal email, and actually managed to lose track of what the Kardashians are up to for a full seven days!

It’d been about three years since I’d turned on the “out-of-office, talk to someone else” notice on my email, and I can’t tell you how freeing it was to turn my brain off for a couple of weeks. I actually read a couple of those bound paper things called books (remember those, before tablets and smartphones?), and did things that felt indulgent, like playing board games and X Box with my boys – while being constantly ridiculed with “Dad, you suck! I though you used to be a gamer!” At which point I educated my sons on Atari, joy sticks, and Pong. 

In addition, I got some much needed Vitamin D, not through supplements, but from actual sunshine down south while the rest of you were apparently freezing to death. The time off gave me a chance to reset my brain and body, and now that I’m back I’m completely refreshed and ready to get in the trenches with all of you as we plan out your 2018 goals. And, for the first time in a long time, we have tax and investment changes to discuss with you, which will be really fun for those of us who will have this conversation hundreds of times each quarter! (What – you never thought about it from our perspective?)

This week, our team has been busy working on internal plans and goals for the year, and for those of you coming in next week, congrats! You get to be the guinea pigs for our 2018 ideas! Seriously though, we are very excited about meeting with all of you over the coming weeks and months as your schedule permits, and when our office reaches out to you via phone, voicemail or email, please do call us back to set up a time to chat. The next 90 days are very important in terms of setting you up for right for 2018 and ’19. 

Now that I’m back and catching up on the things I missed while I was out, I can tell you that, just as I had lots of people asking me about gold back when it hit its peak, I’ve had 20+ calls, emails and texts from people asking about Bitcoin. For those of you who’d like a briefing on Bitcoin, watch this video

While the regulators don’t allow us to sell you any swampland, they also won’t allow us to sell you any Dutch tulip bulbs either, or stamps, like Charles Ponzi. We’re also not allowed to sell you Bitcoins. But, based on these stories, we suspect Bitcoin will eventually join this list – we just don’t know how many more of you are going to buy in!
In all honesty, cryptocurrency will become a legitimate thing over the next couple of years, as Apple, Amazon, JP Morgan and Google have already filed for their own version of a cryptocurrency. The difference between these and Bitcoin is that they’re backed by an actual asset. Oh, and for all of you conspiracy theorists out there, just remember – we’re 18 years and not-quite-two-weeks past Y2K, so if you’ve still got your vats of rice, beans, and lentils, and your cans of Vienna sausages and sardines, that stuff has probably aged well. You might want to break it out. And if you bought a bottle of Cabernet back then, it’s probably ready to enjoy. Cheers! 

Another thing I noticed while I was out – why the heck is the general public so interested in how Donald Trump colors his hair? As a guy who spends a little time on his hair, I feel for him. I really do. Whether you agree with his policies or not, let him have his style! 

Last but not least, we are very excited to announce that we’ll have a brand-new client relations and event coordinator joining our team next week. As someone who loves parties, I’m very pleased about the prospect of what our 2018 gatherings will be like, now that we’ve found a creative and experienced person to become part of our family. So stay tuned for our 2018 events calendar, which we should have finalized in the next 45 days.

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