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What to Expect, What to Open

Before we close out the first month of 2021, I wanted to take the time to go over a few logistical reminders, and cover a few things about what to expect when working with our team. We’ve made a few staff updates and additions, and I also want to remind you which mailers require your attention and which ones are less urgent. 

First, staff updates. In our operations department, Director Greg Wright has added Carter Hench, Alex McClarty and TJ Atwell as operations associates. These are the guys you are likely to hear from most often when we need to call you about any back office account services. I know some of you prefer to communicate via email or text, but keep in mind that there are times when we do need to hear your voice. This team handles all paperwork, client login questions, check drop-offs, automatic contributions, beneficiary changes, etc. 

When it’s time for you to schedule your quarterly update meeting, Director of Client Relations Katie Gruver will reach out to you based upon your stated availability. She’ll work with you and your schedule to find a time for you to talk either in-person or via Zoom or conference call with one of our Senior Partners & Wealth Advisors about organizing your financial life and reviewing your portfolio. 

Prior to your meeting, you’ll also hear from Director of Client Services McKellar Ciurlizza and her team of Paraplanner Ryan Petrunyak, and a new paraplanner who’ll join us on March 1. They’ll send over updated copies of your planning documents, account statements, and anything else we plan to cover in your update meeting. McKellar and her team free up Alex, Kyrk and me to work directly with clients on your day-to-day financial planning needs. 

Now, for a reminder on what to do with all that mail you receive. The majority of our client families have elected to go paperless, but there are certain things like privacy statements, proxy votes and other random documents that do still get mailed out.

Most of the mail you receive regarding your accounts can simply be shredded. I know that’s tough for some folks who like to go through every piece of mail with a fine-tooth comb, so for you, feel free to bring it all in to your next meeting for us to shred for you.

I know you’re thinking that some of that mail must be important, and you’re right. So here’s your cheat-sheet on what you need to open and pay attention to:

  • Anything from your current or former employer
  • Anything from the IRS
  • Anything from the State of Kentucky (or whatever state you live in)
  • Most importantly: Any envelope with the Family Financial Partners logo printed in color

This rule of thumb will reduce what you open to about 5 percent of what you receive (and greatly reduce the call volume into our office). Of course if you want to open every mailer your receive, go for it. It was sent for a reason. But know that if there’s something in all of that non blue-and-green logo-printed mail that you need to act on, we already know about it and were copied on the mailing.

We hope these reminders will help us work together even more effectively in the months and years ahead, and we always want you to call us if you have any questions or concerns about anything. At Family Financial Partners, no one works in a silo. If the person you’re trying to reach is out of the office or in a meeting when you call, each team member is empowered to answer questions if they can, or connect you with another team member who can help you. It’s our goal for you to never have to leave a voicemail. Even if the person you reach needs to take notes and have someone call you back, you know there’s a real person working on your concern.

We truly appreciate each and every one of you, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to help you work towards a bright financial future for you and yours. 

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