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Month: March 2021

3 Money Lessons for Kids

With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, many of us are making plans with our families and children for the warm months ahead, even if may of us will still be traveling less than normal.

Spring Updates

I don’t know about you, but my March Madness bracket has pretty much blown up. Shouldn’t we just go ahead and give it to Gongaza? Outside of picking Oral Roberts to win the opening round and Syracuse to make the Sweet 16, well, I crashed and burned. If yours is doing better and you have some sort of secret sauce, please, let me know. The Family Financial employee who’s currently winning our bracket pool picked the winners based on mascot.

Thoughts on Real Estate

In case you hadn’t noticed, real estate is all the rage right now. All the realtors you know who were broke from 2009-2012 are now living the lives of rock stars as the real estate market across the country has jumped almost 10 percent over last year, which is amazing considering we were in the midst of a pandemic.

Last-minute Tax Tips

It’s just about time to dive in and get your taxes done (or see if your accountant has a last-minute appointment!), so we wanted to take some time to give you a few last-minute tips for your 2020 taxes.

Do Old Allocation Rules Still Apply?

It seems we live in the best of times and the worst of times simultaneously, and from what I’m seeing on my social media feeds, people appear to be split on which one they think we’re in! Despite that, there’s still the age-old question about that rule of thumb that investors should hold a stock percentage of 100 minus their age.

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