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Method to Our Madness

Our team may be different from other advisors you’ve worked with. Here’s why.

Whether you’re a client at Family Financial Partners or you don’t work with us yet, you may have noticed that our team approach looks a little different than other financial planners or advisors. First and foremost, what sets us apart and makes us unique is that we have a team of folks who are truly all in this together. Typically, within many other practices, we find that advisors are siloed, in that they have their own book of business, and they don’t share clients or work within client accounts that aren’t primarily the folks they deal with.

Saving & Investing – Where to Start?

One thing I hear periodically as a financial advisor is, “I wish I had enough money to invest and work with you.” What I always tell these folks is to start with what they can control, rather than focusing on what they don’t yet have or can’t control. The best time to start saving is today.

CD Rates are Rising, But There Are Alternatives

Have you noticed recent ads in the newspaper, or at your local bank branch, for CDs lately? We’ve seen that rates are on the rise, and wanted to pass this information along to you, our valued clients (and prospective clients!).

Fall Money To-Dos

The cooler weather has finally arrived and it officially feels like fall in the Bluegrass! Before you know it, holidays will be upon us, and we’ll be embarking on a brand new year. But before 2017 arrives, make sure to finish 2016 on a strong financial note. It’s important to review your finances and financial goals now, before hectic fall and holiday schedules get in the way, and you’re scrambling to get things in order for the new year. Taking care of these to-dos today could make the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 much more relaxing.

Client Questions & Investment Philosophy

We’ve had several new clients come on board recently, and I always hear a few new questions from folks as we start our relationship and planning process. “Alan Greenspan was just on the radio saying we’re heading towards another bubble,” one client recently told us. “What do you think, and how should we protect ourselves?

Stocks, Bonds and So Much More

We’ve been in the financial planning business for nearly two decades. In talking with friends and prospective clients, I find that even now, many people aren’t aware of everything a financial planning team does. “You’re just stocks and bonds, right?” is something we hear a lot.

Help Me Help You

In speaking with many of you recently, you’ve been telling me, “Hey Dave, it’s summer. I don’t have time to read your thoughts every week.” That’s cool, I understand. For those of you feeling pressed for time, click here for the executive summary of this week’s Thought from Dave.

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